Estacion Esperanza

Goals and target group

We try to achieve our goals of equipping people for positive integral development (spiritual, social, economic, psychological) through various activities and projects. These are tailored to the situations and concerns of the families and are therefore needs-oriented. In this way, a solid foundation is to be laid so that the participants can be a source of progress for their families and for society in the future for the benefit of minors.

Some concrete objectives

  • The children improve their school performance
  • Parents take their responsibility for raising their children more consciously and competently.
  • The young people learn practical skills in order to become a carpenter, a cook or a plumber. They thus promote the chance for their future and develop a more stable self-confidence.
  • The people learn Christian values and their practical meaning for everyday life through biblical content.

Measurable goals:

  • The school grades in the subjects where the children struggle to increase by at least two grades and thus achieve a score of at least 15.     
  • Parents implement various strategies for raising children, as discussed in parenting workshops.
  • Young people who take part in vocational training courses are given the opportunity to implement what they have learned in a paid job.
  • People learn more about the Christian faith and learn to trust that God has a plan for their life and that it is meaningful and important.

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