Estacion Esperanza


Support a child in the slum Kouri Hanna in his or her school education so that he or she can once be well prepared to take personal responsibility for life.

Our organization

Estación Esperanza is known in its own and neighboring

slums as a responsible organization that provides
professional support where economic and/or
social resources are insufficient. The project focuses
on working with children and young people and their social environment.
This includes first and foremost the family, but also
the relatives and the neighborhood. People are
motivated and supported to constructively shape their
lives on their own responsibility so that they can achieve a
significant improvement in their living conditions.


We have a cooperative relationship with a private school
(state schools are very poor) and subsidize children’s attendance,
as well as speech therapy and psychological support if required.
This should have an impact on family life. Therefore the parents
sign an agreement: the support lasts as long as they are
willing to participate in supportive further education and
in discussions with the project management (pedagogical supervision).


Within the framework of our sponsorships, persons in Switzerland
take over the financing for a child: Monthly CHF 60.00 to the
“Association Estación Esperanza” based in Switzerland
(tax deduction guaranteed) with the remark “sponsorship”.
The amount is entirely for the purposes described above.

Important NOTE

However, we would like to point out that – in response
to irregularities in other organizations that arrange
sponsorships – direct contact with the child is not possible:
correspondence, Christmas parcels, etc. are not provided for.
However, sponsors are informed sporadically about the situation
of the child or, if there are fundamental
changes in the child’s life, are informed immediately.

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