Estacion Esperanza

Interested women and men aged 18 and over are invited to live with us as volunteers for a certain period of time and to help in the project.

Feedback from previous voluntary organizations confirms again and again that this is connected with formative experiences (see reports below). Only those who have experienced everyday life in the Kouri Haana slum for a few weeks will see many of their own life situation with different eyes. However, there are conditions that are important to adhere to. You can find this as a PDF file in the link below.

As soon as a first contact with the project management in Ventanilla (Miriam and Carlos) has taken place and you agree on the dates, there will be a conversation with someone from the board. The leaflet mentioned is also discussed.

We are very happy about your interest and find it nice to meet you personally soon.

Basically, please note:

Please select a selection below for the volunteers’ reports.

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