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Carlos Julio Bernales Pinedo

Carlos Julio Bernales Pinedo Portrait

The first steps in Lima

I know about life in the slums because I have experienced it myself. I have spent twelve years of my childhood in Ventanilla, Lima. A while ago I have started the project Estación Esperanza together with my wife Miriam. I understand the challenges that people face. Thanks to my contacts, we often come across open doors and people trust us.

Even during the years when I did not live in the slums, I worked voluntarily as a youth leader in a Protestant church community. I also took care of the worries and needs of the homeless in Lima. I consider it a great blessing that I got the chance to found and now lead this project. 

Thanks to a stable family and the church community, in which we were strongly involved, neither I nor my two brothers and sisters got on the wrong path. Not only that… Thanks to the support of my 10 years older sister, my brother and I were able to prepare for the entrance examination of the public university in a preparatory institute. After two years of catching up on school material (unfortunately, you don’t learn everything in a public school), I passed the exam and was able to attend the public, free university for five years. 

Even if you are from the slums, you still have the chance to get out of poverty. However, certain factors are important and we, at Estación Esperanza, would like to support these as much as possible:

  • a group to which one feels a part.
  • Confidential people
  • a helping hand (in rare cases financial support e.g. for education)
  • a healthy family environment

For several years I have been volunteering in Lima to take care of the worries and needs of the homeless. In addition, I was active as a youth leader in a Protestant church community for three years until the end of 2015. 

Carlos Bernales


  • Marketing studies at the national university Federico Villa Real, in Lima
  • Bible School in Colombia (YWAM)

places of work:

  • Service employee in the Banquetes area, 5-star hotel Country Club in Lima
  • Export of clothes from Lima to Bolivia

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