Estacion Esperanza

Die ersten Schritte in Lima

I heard about Estación Esperanza in 2015. At that time the project was still in its infancy and there was nothing to see of the project building. I was touched that Miriam and Carlos, who were full of enthusiasm, wanted to be led by God and this even though there was not even a house.

In 2014 I dreamed that one day I would work in a place with children in need. In 2018, when I came into more contact with Estación Esperanza, I remembered this dream. I am thrilled that God makes dreams come true. Now I live and work at Estación Esperanza since January 2019. It is not exactly what I had imagined. But I realize that I am in the right place, with the right people and the right motivation. In this place, through the children and young people, God shows me his love and faithfulness consistently. I want to be the role model that I never had as a child. I want to see a generation grow up that is shaped by God’s love and His word and that then positively shapes the environment.



  • Nurse                
  • Discipleship Training School for Youth with a Mission

places of work:

  • Hospital “El Carmen” in the area of Neonatology (8 months)                              
  • Bus driver (1 year)
  • Parking service for the restaurant Him Kang (6 months)
  • Assistant Cook Chinese Restaurant (6 months)
  • Discipleship Training School and Internship Youth with a Mission (5 years)
  • With Estación Esperanza since January 2019

Current use in Estacion Esperanza

Work area:

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