Estacion Esperanza

Volunteer Reports

Interested women and men from the age of 18 are invited to live with us for a certain period of time as volunteers and to help in the project. Feedback from former volunteers confirms again and again that this is a formative experience (see reports below). Only those who have experienced everyday life in the Kouri Haana slum for a few weeks can see much of their own life situation with different eyes.

  • Volunteer Reports

    Lisa Zehnder

    Although I have seen through the newsletters how the project has developed since 2017, I was impressed live on site by the diverse and creative programs that are now offered by the staff at Estación Esperanza.

  • Volunteer Reports

    Annina Imhof

    Report “My time in Ventanila” I imagined volunteering in a completely different way. To be honest, I always thought that such an assignment is above all exhausting. I didn’t think that I could gain so much from it. I was…

  • Volunteer Reports

    Bigna Färber

    Review of my time in Ventanilla It didn’t take long and living and working with the people in Ventanilla became part of my daily life. It was normal that children in the slum welcomed me and waved to me or…