Estacion Esperanza

In order for the project Estación Esperanza to exist and grow, we are dependent on financial resources. 

Here you have the possibility to make your donation. You are free to make your donation to Miriam and Carlos via the mission community SMG or you can transfer the amount of your donation to the bank account of the Swiss association Estacion Esperanza. In each case you will find the account details easily and you have the additional option to make a donation via PayPal. Thank you very much for your donation… 

Donation account Swiss Association Estacion Esperanza

Estacion Esperanza
8713 Uerikon
Postkonto – 89-322545-3
IBAN – CH36 0900 0000 8932 2545 3

The donations are used for the following purposes: 

  • Project Estación Esperanza Peru
  • Construction house Estación Esperanza
  • Alimony (Miriam and Carlos)
  • Construction of a school building
  • Volunteering through recruitment and the necessary application procedures
  • Administration of the shop and organization of various information events.

Donate with Paypal

Donations to the Swiss association Estacion Esperanza can also be deducted from taxes. At the beginning of each year you will receive a donation receipt for your tax return.

We thank you very much for every donation.

Miriam und Carlos Bernales

Since we are supported by volunteers in the “Administration” area in Switzerland, who also do not charge shipping costs from Estación Esperanza, the expenses for administration can be kept very low.

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